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Family Life International’s E-News service is a new initiative. For some time we have been using email to inform you, our supporters, of upcoming events on the pro-life calendar, reports on recent activities or various pro-life news making headlines. We have tried to give you the good news too, in the form of uplifting and life-affirming stories. We have asked for your prayers and joined with you in praying for life, and we have tried to share the information about life issues that decades of pro-life work, by many dedicated people, has amassed in the archives at Family Life International.

Now, we have decided to bring the thousands of pro-lifers on our email list a more regular and reliable digest of all of the above. You could spend hours with each passing month scouring the internet to keep up to date with the latest in the pro-life world, but now you can sit back and let us do it for you.

Are you overwhelmed by E-newsletters that inundate you with a tidal-wave of information and news items? We are…so we’re going to keep it simple and digestible. The format of each E-newsletter will remain the same with each edition so that you can easily navigate to the areas that are of most interest to you. What about trying to find what you are looking for in an ocean of text? That won’t happen either. If you make sure to enable your email program to ‘display pictures’ when the FLI E-News first appears in your inbox, then let the eye-catching colour template, pictures and icons assist you to see immediately what is of interest.

To begin, we will issue the E-News as the news demands but we expect to find a rhythm which will mean you’ll soon be able to rely upon FLI to keep you abreast of the pro-life world locally, nationally and internationally – without having to look much further than your inbox.



There are six sections in the FLI E-News and each section links directly back to its page here on the FLI website. By clicking on each image below you can also navigate to each section via the website. Below is a breakdown of each section with a description of what you can expect to find there as each edition rolls out…


The latest reports, summaries and photos of our recent pro-life activities.


All the best upcoming events on the Pro-life Calendar around the country.


The current and most relevant pro-life stories making local, national and international news.


Every pro-lifer needs Hope. Let us look at the points of light in a dark cultural landscape.


The foundation of pro-life is prayer. Let us unite our prayers in a single voice to God.


It is an old evil and an old war that we fight. The new generation of pro-lifers can learn much by a careful examination of even the past few decades – without having to learn the hard way.

“The disadvantage of men not knowing the past is that they do not know the future.”

 ~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton ~

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