Lifelines is the bi-monthly publication of Family Life International Australia.

Lifelines is not just a cut-and-paste job of the pro-life news…it is the vanguard of the ‘total approach’ to pro-life action in Australia. In order to really understand what drives the battle between the Culture of Death and the Culture of Life it is important to understand the ideologies, philosophies and beliefs that underpin them. Intrinsic evils such as abortion, euthanasia etc. are mere symptoms of a much deeper and darker evil. We must look to the precursors of evils like abortion, namely sex-education and contraception to understand the very deliberate methods of those who are socially re-engineering our societies. Furthermore, we must understand the reach and the scope of the so called ‘population controllers’, otherwise known as the eugenics movement. This diabolical ideology has permeated the political and financial power structures of our world and is steadily tightening its grasp!

We believe that it is just as important to build up faith and family as it is to condemn the errors of the Culture of Death. Lifelines will always endeavour to uplift you and your families with articles expounding the teaching and the wisdom of the Church. The Gospel of Life is a seamless garment and a blueprint for true freedom and life eternal. We aim to evangelise the culture in the hope that many more may accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ found in its fullness in the Holy Catholic Church. We embrace all Christians and men of good will who will stand shoulder to shoulder in this struggle and we welcome the sharing of those beliefs that unite us and robust discussion on those that divide us.

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Vol. 26 - No. 4

Vol 26 / No 4

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