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1. Promote and refer to your family and friends, the Gardasil trifold.

2. At Parents and Friends Committee, refer to the Gardasil trifold and distribute copies to schools.


3. Suggest your regional department of health provide your school’s Parents and Friends Committee with research which is capable of attesting to ovarian safety after vaccination.

4. Ask school principals why the informed consent forms do not cite the incidence rate of specific side effects and complications of this vaccine (as they do for other medications).

5. Ask why information brochures issued to parents to consent their children to this vaccination have not explained that this is a ‘fast-tracked’ vaccine and what this means.


6. Report new onset menstrual disturbances to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as possible adverse effects, or to the Vaccine Adverse Event Database.

7. Report any new onsets of gastrointestinal disease after this vaccination as a possible adverse effect, to the Therapeutic Goods Administration or to the Vaccine Adverse Event Database.

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