Abortion has a different legal status in different states as it is covered by various Crimes Acts, which are state legislation. For more information, click here:


However, note that the above link is very much out of date. FLI (Australia) will provide a current status of abortion laws in each of the states and territories.

A Story about Life

Abortion is legal in Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory. Medical abortion is available through certified medical practitioners. Costs vary between clinics. Medicare covers a portion of the cost. Some clinics provide discounted fees to students, healthcare card holders and others.

Watch this short version of a video entitled ‘A Story About Life’. This short documentary exposes just how bad Victoria’s abortion laws are. Peter Kavanagh of the DLP, who resolutely defended the unborn during the parliamentary debate, sounds this warning in the video to the rest of the Australian states.

“It is hard to imagine a worse bill and a worse model and indeed that was partly why it was passed here – to be a model for other jurisdictions. It is very extreme and I think it is probably the worst in the western world.”

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