Board of Directors and Staff

Paul Hanrahan – Executive Director

Paul has been married 35 years, has 5 children, 4 of whom are married, 5 grandchildren with 3 more due in April/May this year and has been Executive Director of FLI for over 10 years. Paul has also been the Sydney coordinator of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants for 25+ years. Paul has travelled around Australia helping others establish Helpers’ prayer groups outside abortion clinics. This usually entails meetings with Police and Local Council officials, often with a lawyer and running seminars and Q and A sessions.

Paul is a veteran Australian pro-lifer. He has tirelessly taken the message of the dignity of life to the streets of Sydney for over 26 years, especially through his peaceful vigils outside abortion mills with the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, pouring all of his energies into the cause for life, which is becoming more urgent than ever in Australia.


Kathy Clubb – Director

Kathy is a mother and grandmother and has home-educated her children for the best part of thirty years. She has undertaken official pro-life work for ten years, first in Tasmania, and then in Victoria. In 2016, Kathy was part of an unsuccessful attempt to defeat Victoria’s abortion exclusion-zones, which led to a constitutional challenge in the High Court of Australia in late 2018.

While Kathy’s main contribution has been writing and researching, she has also prayed outside abortion facilities and organised pro-life events such as 40 Days for Life. Kathy’s articles, besides appearing in FLI’s LifeLines have also appeared at Caldron Pool, Online Opinion, The Remnant Newspaper, and Life Site News.

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