Censorship, Coercion & Informed Consent
An Evening With Steve Mosher


Steven W. Mosher was a pro-choice agnostic when he arrived in China in 1979. He experienced a conversion during his eyewitness reporting on the brutalities of China’s one-child policy, which saw him denounced by the Chinese government as a spy. He is the president of the Population Research Institute, which works to expose the myth of overpopulation and spread the message that people are the world’s greatest resource.

Family Life International (Australia) is an affiliate organisation of Steven Mosher’s United States based organisation, the Population Research Institute (PRI). Steve first visited Australia in 1996 at the invitation of our organisation, then known as Human Life International (Australia), when we were a branch of the International organisation of which PRI was also a subsidiary organisation. He has spoken numerous times in Australia at our invitation.

PLUS! Pamela Acker M.S., author of ‘The Science, Morality and Safety of Vaccines: A Catholic Perspective’ will be addressing attendees via a pre-recorded video on the morality of vaccines which use aborted foetal cells in their testing or production.

A $85 General Admission booking includes a dinner with wine, tea and coffee.

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