Pope Paul VI foresaw in his encyclical Humanae Vitae that contraception will always lead to abortion.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, abortions usually result from unintended pregnancies, which often occur despite the use of contraceptives. Studies in Queensland in 1980 by Callan * also showed that about 50% of women presenting for a first and second abortion attributed their pregnancies to the failure of contraceptive methods while the rest were not using contraception. Australian editor Healey quotes studies ** showing that between half and two thirds of all women presenting for an abortion were contracepting at the time they conceived.

* Services for the Termination of Pregnancy in Australia: A Review Draft Consultation document – Sept 1995, NHMRC pg58

** Abortion Issues by Justin Healey


Oral Contraceptives have the Capacity to Abort

This means that if oral contraceptives fail to prevent conception, they act to stop the implantation of the newly conceived child in his/her mother’s womb. Thus a couple on the Pill may be chemically aborting their children without knowing it. Everyone has the right to know this action of the Pill.

Sadly, even medical specialists do not realise the Pill has the capacity to abort.

For more information, click here: http://abortionno.org/birth-control/

Contraception and Abortion: Fruits of the same tree

Dr. Andrew Foong

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