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Life, Faith & Family

We believe Life begins at conception and ends at natural death and that
Faith and Family are the foundation of civilised society. We defend life from conception to natural death, we conform to the teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and we promote the traditional Family built on the lifelong union of one man and one woman for the purpose of bearing and raising children.


Our sister organisation
“Life and Family Institute”
are hosting

Day of the Unborn Child

March 21st 2021

The Traditional Family (Your Family)
is now the focus of the
Revolutionary Agents of change!

Religious Freedom

We need your ongoing support.
You our faithful and most generous supporters.
Please send your most sacrificial gift now.


FLI has been
in the battle to defend
Marriage and Family
for 30 years!

We believe Life begins at conception and ends at natural death and that Faith and Family are the foundation of civilised society.


Family Life International
May 2018 Newsletter

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and our upcoming events

Defending the sanctity of life is
the defining struggle of our times.

Life & Family
National Conference



Conference DVD Pack


Pro-life volunteers
are under siege
around Australia due to
draconian laws designed
to silence the remaining voices
standing up for the
most vulnerable
members of our society.

Legal Defence


Advice & the Facts

We provide advice from professionally very well qualified people in areas medical, legal, psychological, educational, theological and financial.  We provide educational materials and seminars on all areas affecting Life, Faith and Family.

Values & Ethics

Western civilisation built on the back of Christian ethical codes made enormous advances in medicine, technology, science and engineering producing a standard of living unprecedented in human history.  As the philosophical foundations of that society are torn down one brick at a time we find a civilisation in serious decline.

Your Support

To continue the work of the great apostle for Life, Father Paul Marx OSB that we have maintained now for 25 years we need the support of people and families dedicated to maintaining and restoring the Christian values that made us a great nation and we need the support base to continue to grow and expand to fulfil our mission.

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