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How do you sleep at night?

ABC Interview
recently with Paul Hanrahan


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Monsignor Philip Reilly

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The Tide is Turning

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is a pro-life organisation dedicated to training and equipping college and high school students. As recent national polls in the U.S. have confirmed, this generation of young people is pro-life. The challenge comes in breaking through the apathy and motivating and training students to take a stand for Life on their campuses.

The Right Choice – An Inspirational Video

A video of a young mum who did the right thing by choosing life for her severely disfigured son has been viewed by over 10 million people worldwide on YouTube, GodVine and GodTube.

In the video, Lacey Buchanan from Woodbury, Tennessee tells the story of her baby boy Christian, who was born with an extremely rare condition known as Tessier Cleft which causes severe deformity of the mouth, soft palate and face. Christian was also born blind with soft fleshy spots covering his eye sockets.

“This video is about my son Christian and the decision I made to give him life, when others were telling me to abort him. He is an amazing little boy who has God all over him and I want to share him with the world!” writes Christian’s Mum Lacey.

Lacey believes that God is using her son to spread the message of the Gospel across the entire world…

“I am absolutely blown away by the response that the video has had,” she wrote. “I never imagined it would be this big, but I have definitely learned a lesson in not underestimating God’s ability to use people.”


How do you sleep at night?

ABC Interview
recently with
Paul Hanrahan

Family Life International plans to launch into the new-media sphere of podcasting. This exciting new media offers incredible opportunities to spread the pro-life message.

The recording below was taped during our 40 Days for Life campaign in 2010. This little sample is a moving personal testimony from our writer, researcher and legal consultant Marcel White who tells how he converted to Catholicism through his involvement in the pro-life movement.

“How I converted to Catholicism through Pro-life” – by Marcel White

Melissa Ohden Interview

Paul Hanrahan Interview

Helpers on the street

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