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First and foremost, the mission of FLI is to educate.

Unfortunately, in Australian schools, parishes, and society at large, there is a great lack of information about the true wonder of human life, the true beauty of marriage and the family, and the true danger presented to both by the “Culture of Death” – a phrase coined by Saint Pope John Paul II.

Through biannual conferences, the use of social media, seminars in parishes and schools, pro-life training workshops, the Lifelines magazine, The Truth Revealed contraception pamphlet series, and much more, FLI keeps Australians updated with the most vital information about the most vital issues of our times.


Secondly, FLI is there to lend a voice in charity to those who are unable to speak for themselves.

This includes not only the elderly and disabled who are threatened by euthanasia, or the tens of thousands of Australian unborn children who are threatened by chemical and surgical abortions each year, but also the many Australian mothers who experience crisis pregnancies, and whom FLI helps with rental assistance, babysitting and many other practical measures.

FLI is well-known for its thoroughly-researched voting guides which are published in advance of both State and Federal Elections.


The third pillar of FLI’s work is arguably the most distinctive: Prayer.

Whether it is public prayer – such as the weekly vigils of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants outside abortion mills across the nation, and the huge annual 40 Days for Life prayer campaign in Sydney – or private prayer – spiritual adoption, novenas for particular intentions, and so on – prayer has always been a cornerstone of the work of FLI.

In the spirit of Fr. Paul Marx OSB, FLI’s founder, who said that if we want to do God’s work we must remain close to Him through prayer, FLI continually urges the faithful to unite in prayer, and always attributes any success it has to the power of prayer.

Support Pro-Life Apostolates

The final critical element of the work of FLI is supporting other pro-life apostolates.

Around the country, there are many wonderful people who go out of their way to promote the Gospel of Life.

FLI assists them to use their efforts and resources in the most effective way, and also to deal with the opposition which frequently arises from local councils, local media, and various lobby groups.

FLI is always ready to work with any other organisations that are interested in promoting the Gospel of Life.

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