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If everyone who is in the 40 Days for Life Sydney group would register for one (1) hour during the 40 Days campaign that is all anyone would need to do!

What is 40 Days For Life?

It’s a focused pro-life effort that consists of three key areas of participation:

40 Days of prayer and fasting

40 Days of peaceful vigil

40 Days of community outreach

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40 Days 2012




From March 5th – April 17th 2014, Sydney will be one of hundreds of cities around the world joining together for a ground-breaking & coordinated Lenten pro-life campaign 40 Days for Life.

When people respond to the invitation to participate in 40 Days For Life, babies lives are saved and parents who have changed their minds are profoundly grateful. HERE are two beautiful baby girls, Ashley and Maria whose lives were saved in past campaigns here in Sydney.

In 2014 Sydney will be in its 5th year of hosting 40 Days For Life. Check out the videos and photos of the past 4 years by clicking the icons below…



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