An interview with Pamela Acker


When we came to understand the enormity and scope of the Pharmaceutical Industry’s reliance on abortion, as an avenue of material to aid them in developing vaccines (and other drugs) to put to market principally with the aim of making money, though under the guise of developing medicines to improve the health of people around the world, then we knew that we had to address this issue. The amount of fines imposed on these corporate behemoths for corrupt practices especially over the last few decades runs into tens of billions of dollars. If nothing else, that should sound the alarm for most people.

Pamela Acker was working in the vaccine industry doing research on plant based vaccines as an ethical alternative to the use of aborted foetal cell lines whilst undertaking her PhD. She left the industry when she discovered those she was working with were using such cell lines themselves. She then began researching this issue while working for the Kolbe Centre and in December 2020 published the book “The Science, Morality and Safety of Vaccines; A Catholic Perspective.”

Pamela was asked by FLI Australia to come and accompany Steve Mosher on the speaking tour around our country. Unfortunately due to a congenital problem with an ankle she is severely restricted in her ability to walk and was unable to come in person but was happy to address these issues via a video interview with us. She is having surgery on the ankle and we hope you will include the success of that operation in your prayers. If it is successful she would love to come to Australia. In the meantime she supports us as well as Children of God for Life in researching vaccines developed by the use of aborted foetal cell lines.

The ultimate aim of this exercise is to present a dubium to the Dicastery (formerly Congregation) for Doctrine and Faith asking for the Church to upgrade the position of the Church in relation to the use of such vaccines and other drugs from “Remote Material Cooperation” to “Proximate Material Cooperation.” This we believe is what it should be and there are several moral theologians and some Bishops who hold this position. The effect of this would remove any “ifs and buts” from the consideration of such use and result in a ban for Catholics of such drugs.

After listening to the interview with Pamela you will understand firstly the horror of what is being done to obtain foetal cells from abortion and is dismissed as “only 1 abortion 50 years ago” and secondly the urgent need to raise our voices in objection and demand ethically developed vaccines to replace these.

Paul Hanrahan, FLI Executive Director



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