1001 Reasons why it’s Great to be Catholic


By Robert M. Haddad

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Why 1001 Reasons?

Years ago I saw a news report about the growth of Pentecostalism in Latin America. One fiery pastor had a pamphlet at the back of his church entitled, “25 reasons why you are no longer Catholic.” I became upset when I saw this and wanted to create my own response. Naturally I wanted this response to be both comprehensive and overwhelming – hence the thought of collecting and publishing 1001 reasons why its great to be Catholic! More and most, non-Catholics should find this book of great interest.

This book does not want to hide the bad things that have been done in the Catholic Church: rather, it simply wants to proclaim to the world some of the great things about her. In the age of the “new evangelisation” we should no longer simply cower under the relentless attacks against our Church and Faith, but be willing and able to stand confidently and proclaim loudly why it’s great to be Catholic. Its not about triumphalism; it’s about truth, and it’s always a great time to proclaim the truth!


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