Day of the Unborn Child 2017

The brilliant blue sky was the perfect setting for the 18th Day of the Unborn Child in Sydney to be led by His Grace, Archbishop Anthony Fisher following on from the 10.30am Mass at St. Mary’s [...]

What You Should Know About Gardasil

The Gardasil vaccine will be rolled out to boys age 12 and 13 in schools nationally from semester one next year. Year 9 boys will have a two-year catch-up program as well. It is expected 870,000 [...]

Abortion and Fatima

Communist Russia was the first country to legalise abortion. It was in 1917, two years after Our Lady appeared at Fatima. The communist regime had birth control high on its agenda and with [...]

Synod on the Family

It was announced in October 2013 that a Synod on the family would be held in Rome during October 2014, followed by a General Synod of Bishops on the same topic in October of 2015. About 150 Synod [...]

Homebush Abortuary closes its doors

It is with gratitude to God that we report the closing of a once-thriving abortion mill. After many years in the business of death, the Marie Stopes facility in Homebush NSW, has folded. Since [...]

Heart of Paternity

Pater Noster… When teaching his disciples how to pray, Jesus began with ‘Our Father’. He addressed God as ‘Abba’, and taught us to do the same. This was a term equivalent to ‘Daddy’, or the [...]


A lustful world with its unrestrained and immoral sexual activity creates a demand for abortion as the back-up for failed contraception. Any method of abortion which can streamline the process, [...]

I must Love more

I was expecting to be encouraged by the retreat with Monsignor Reilly. I was expecting to come away on fire for the pro-life cause. I was expecting to return with revolutionary ideas that would [...]

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