There will be hell to pay

Written by BT Walters I recently took the time to read a master’s thesis written by a priest.  It was about ‘structural sin,’ but it read more like something out of the Marxist Handbook. It is a [...]

Vale Brother Kevin Francis Guthrie

  Brother Kevin Guthrie was born in Temora NSW on 20th August 1936, the 5th child of 12 to parents Bartholomew (Ned) and Mary Guthrie. He was raised in a strongly Catholic environment and [...]

Another American Abortion Election

Written by Kathy Thompson   The latest – and still contested – US presidential election is yet another in the series of elections which are intimately caught up with the problem [...]

The James Martin effect

Written by Kathy Thompson   The mention of Fr James Martin usually elicits one of two responses from Catholics: conservatives believe his approach endangers souls and harms those with [...]

Parramatta’s Education Fiasco

Written by James Parker   Controversy is ablaze in Western Sydney and, once again, it is all about education. The new draft religious education curriculum for the Catholic Diocese of [...]

Vale Mr Bernard Sadler

Following his Australian tour in 1992 at the invitation of our pro-life group, ACPLA, Fr Paul Marx OSB, once again invited us to become the Australian branch of Human Life International. He sent [...]

Legal Abortion and Cancel Culture

Written by Kathy Thompson   Planned Parenthood made headlines recently as a Manhattan facility removed the name of its founder, Margaret Sanger, in order to pay lip service to the latest [...]