Of What Are Our Universities Afraid?

Written by Kathy Thompson   The concept of the university was envisaged some 800 years ago, and was established as universitas magistrorum et scholarium – a community of teachers and [...]

The Tears of Our Lady

Father Pius Mary Noonan’s homily Notre Dame Priory 17th Sunday after Pentecost   175 years ago today in a small and, at that time, very obscure hamlet of the French Alps named La Salette, [...]

Of conscience and heroism

Father Pius Mary Noonan’s homily Notre Dame Priory 16th Sunday after Pentecost Holy Name of Mary In today’s epistle we hear St Paul make mention of his captivity and plead with the Ephesians not [...]

Penalising the Unvaccinated

Written by Michael Baker September 14th, 2021—Exaltation of the Holy Cross This article was originally published on the website Super Flumina Babylonis Disclaimer: “The opinions expressed in the [...]

Abortion Doulas now in Australia

Written by Kathy Thompson   A doula is a female birth attendant, who traditionally has provided non-medical support to a labouring mother. Her role has always been distinct from that of the [...]

There will be hell to pay

Written by BT Walters I recently took the time to read a master’s thesis written by a priest.  It was about ‘structural sin,’ but it read more like something out of the Marxist Handbook. It is a [...]

Vale Brother Kevin Francis Guthrie

  Brother Kevin Guthrie was born in Temora NSW on 20th August 1936, the 5th child of 12 to parents Bartholomew (Ned) and Mary Guthrie. He was raised in a strongly Catholic environment and [...]