Pachamama and Child Sacrifice

Written by Kathy Clubb Faithful Catholics who had been scandalised by the presence of pagan idols during the Amazon Synod received another blow when Pope Francis apologised for their removal from [...]

Pro-life apologetics refresher

Written by Kathy Clubb FLI will be teaming up with Life Choice for a couple of events in Melbourne in the coming months. In preparation for this, I’ve had to refresh my memory with some basic [...]

Catholic schools have lost the plot

Written by Kathy Clubb From worshipping in a mosque to getting sex ed from Mormons, Australia’s Catholic schools have definitely lost the plot. FLI has been reporting on this for years, and [...]

Zoe’s Law Update

There has been a lot of frantic activity by some pro-lifers and political operatives in relation to the renewal of the attempt to bring “Zoe’s law” to a vote in the NSW Upper [...]

Why I’ll be voting no

In 2008 over 80 pieces of legislation were amended to remove all practical discrimination against same-sex couples in Australia, which happened without controversy or opposition.

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