A Shift in the Transgender Narrative?

Written by Kathy Clubb August 29th 2023 As more and more adults express their regret for undergoing gender transformation surgery, mainstream news outlets are finally beginning to wake up and [...]

Fr Ashton Tribute

Written by Bernard Toutounji 25th July 2023 Remembering my Parish Priest – Fr Carl Ashton – 1937 to 2023 Early in the morning of Thursday 13 July 2023, after a short time of illness, Fr Carl [...]

The Common Good

Written by Fr Ambrose Astor Original publication in https://www.truedevotions.ie/the-common-good   In his third article on “Charity and Vaccines,” Father Ambrose debunked the claim that [...]

Book Review: Male, Female, Other?

By Andrew Murphy   One of the biggest cultural issues currently facing Catholics is how to minister to the growing number of people who identify as part of the LGBT community in a [...]

Our Miracle Baby 

The day was fast approaching. We were looking forward to February 16th 2022, the due date of our first child. We were amazed at how quickly time went by during the pregnancy. Everything was [...]