Written by Adrian Devlin
9th April 2024


While most of us spent the Easter Triduum contemplating Our Lord’s Passion at home or in church, an associate of FLI returned to his post outside Sydney’s Parliament House. As you will recall, this spot is exempt from New South Wales’ exclusion-zone laws, hence pro-lifers are free to pray here, across the road from not one, but two, busy abortion mills. Here is his account of those days on which one of those grisly facilities was open for business – never has it been truer to say that “there is no rest for the wicked” – especially those involved in the evil work of killing tiny babies.

Since Easter 2022, I have committed myself to conducting a Good Friday pro-life prayer vigil beginning with prayers to Our Lady of Guadalupe followed by the Precious Blood Way of the Cross, Rosary and Prayer of Reparation for Abortion etc.

This year was different as I discovered the Macquarie Street Abortion clinic would be operating Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Almost immediately I felt inspired to ask the Virgin of Guadalupe to help me “make a stand” for the unborn child, the mothers and staff of the clinic over these sacred days of Holy Week and Easter.

Good Friday was very busy, as it was booked out. Late morning around 11:15am, a young woman in her mid 20’s came out. She was walking very slowly and was picked up in a nice expensive vehicle. I kept praying and focused on why I was there – to give a prayerful witness. Later, I had a visit from a police officer who appeared from inside NSW Parliament. He asked me if I was alright. I replied,  “Yes, fine officer, just doing a pro-life prayer vigil for the unborn child”…… The officer replied, “No worries, that’s alright”.

After three hours, I finished the vigil and headed to Church for the 3pm Commemoration of Our Lord’s Passion.

Holy Saturday was a lesson in perseverance, patience and accepting God’s Will. I got up early (5am), planning to catch the 6:15am bus from Wollongong train station. Interestingly, I ended up having to catch the 8:25am bus because my flat key, and then my car keys and, to top it off, my mobile, all went missing and I had to search for them. Nothing like fun and games!

Anyway, I finally made it to the bus which was delayed unexpectedly, eventually getting to Sutherland for a train. In the end, I arrived for the prayer vigil  three hours and seven minutes after I left home! This journey usually takes only one hour and 40 minutes. As a result I could only manage a single Holy Hour, given the uncertainty of when I would be able to get home. As it turned out, the return trip was only two hours and 47 minutes which included more delays with public transport. I just offered up everything to Our Lady of Guadalupe, knowing full well that only one person wanted to discourage me.

Resurrection Sunday I attended Holy Mass with Fr Dan McCaughan, parish priest of St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Sutherland. Speaking with Fr McCaughan outside after Mass, I mentioned that the abortion clinic at Macquarie Street was operating every day this Easter. He answered that he would be surprised, were they not open and aborting babies. When I replied that it just demonstrates so well how demonic that business really is, Fr McCaughan asked if I was heading there that day.

“Yes,” I replied, to which he said, “I will give you a blessing!” This was uplifting and so helpful, particularly given the previous day.

“My prayers are with you,” said this good priest and I left for the pro-life vigil at the modern day Calvary.

During the vigil of almost three hours, a young couple in their early twenties approached the clinic and stood outside for about a quarter of an hour, discussing what to do. Sadly, in the end, they decided to go inside. Not long afterwards, another couple stopped outside for around ten minutes and even the death-scort[1] couldn’t persuade them to go in. After a while, they moved away from the entrance to talk more and walked away – this was hopefully a turnaround!

Around an hour later, a woman left the clinic in a mess. She was disoriented, had difficulty walking and was clearly very emotional. It was just dreadful watching her walk up towards Martin Place hanging onto the outer walls of buildings.

I thought to myself, “Why couldn’t the clinic staff notice her condition and offer to call a cab or someone she knows to come and pick her up?” It struck me that the clinic workers could not care less about the mother, as their only priority is to make money by murdering innocent babies.

Later, I had a visit from two young police officers on street patrol who stopped for a chat. One officer asked what I was praying about, as they couldn’t help but see the Rosary beads. I told them that it was for the unborn children “who are dying over there” and pointed to the abortion mill. The look on the faces of both officers confirmed they knew how wrong this was! They remained in silence for a short time then left, wishing me “all the best”. So it was a good PR exercise, if nothing else. I finished the vigil and headed home.

Easter Monday completed my special pro-life witness. I rose early and caught the 8:35am bus at Wollongong station and via a train from Sutherland, arrived at NSW Parliament at 10:55am. Again it was very busy, and for the fourth day, the “death-scort” was guiding women and couples into this place of darkness, suffering and death. My vigil finished at 2pm with the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Although it was quite a bit of work with some inconveniences along the way, the words of St. Maximilian Kolbe inspired me: “Let us remember that love lives through sacrifice and is nourished by giving. Without sacrifice there is no love.”

God bless


[1] ‘Pro-lifers’ name for those who ‘escort’ women into the abortion mill
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