Zoe’s Law Update

There has been a lot of frantic activity by some pro-lifers and political operatives in relation to the renewal of the attempt to bring “Zoe’s law” to a vote in the NSW Upper [...]

Day of the Unborn Child 2017

The brilliant blue sky was the perfect setting for the 18th Day of the Unborn Child in Sydney to be led by His Grace, Archbishop Anthony Fisher following on from the 10.30am Mass at St. Mary’s [...]

NSW Minister for Women

Media’s reaction to the new NSW Minister for Women’s position on Abortion A new Premier in NSW and a new Cabinet and the sanctimonious media make sure they let their disapproval be known. Mainly [...]

Abortion and Fatima

Communist Russia was the first country to legalise abortion. It was in 1917, two years after Our Lady appeared at Fatima. The communist regime had birth control high on its agenda and with [...]

Abortion and the Eclipse of Reason

A characteristic mark of a society drifting towards totalitarianism is that its political, economic and cultural elites wield power so as to suppress expressions of opposition from those who [...]


A lustful world with its unrestrained and immoral sexual activity creates a demand for abortion as the back-up for failed contraception. Any method of abortion which can streamline the process, [...]

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