We are Salt to the Earth

Written by Most Rev. Julian Porteous DD, Archbishop of Hobart Pastoral Letter Published 30th May 2024   “Archbishop Julian Porteous, patron of FLI, released this Pastoral Letter to his [...]

Book Review: Male, Female, Other?

By Andrew Murphy   One of the biggest cultural issues currently facing Catholics is how to minister to the growing number of people who identify as part of the LGBT community in a [...]

Bioethics: Identity and Gender

  Dr Deirdre Little Originally published in the CWLAInc National Newsletter In a ‘true culture of social tenderness’ both Pope Francis and the Bishops of Australia have spoken out on Gender [...]

Lessons of the Rainbow jersey

Written by James Parker Published by Catholic Weekly       The rugby world has birthed a new fiasco as an ever-increasing number of players from Manly Sea Eagles refuse to wear a [...]

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