May Catholics be Freemasons?

16th January 2024 An Open Letter from Family Life International to Australia’s Catholic Bishops Your Excellencies, In a document dated 13 November 2023, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of [...]

Life Forum Rome Press Release

Many of you have read many of Kathy Clubb’s articles on our website, via email or in Lifelines. Currently Kathy is in Rome representing FLI at the LifeSite News sponsored “Rome Life Forum.” Kathy [...]

Memoir of a Sodomite Cleric

Written by Kathy Clubb   Late in 2022, a group of faithful Catholics gathered in a Sydney church to pray the Rosary. Some were parishioners, others had come from afar; all were there for the [...]

The Condemnation of Galileo

“We publish here a further extract from historian Henry Sire’s Phoenix from the Ashes (Kettering OH, Angelico Press, 2015, pp. 93-100).”  Published on Super Flumina Urban VIII is chiefly [...]

Love & the Atheist

Written by Michael Baker September 21, 2022 – St Matthew Published on Super Flumina   It is a principle underlying sound philosophy that every creature loves itself.  Every thing [...]

A Rose among the Synodal Thorns

Written by Kathy Clubb   When Archbishop Fulton Sheen wrote that the Our Lord’s crowning with thorns was suffered by Him in reparation for sins of the intellect, he could have had in mind [...]