Catholic schools have lost the plot

Written by Kathy Thompson   From worshipping in a mosque to getting sex ed from Mormons, Australia’s Catholic schools have definitely lost the plot. FLI has been reporting on this for [...]

What You Should Know About Gardasil

The Gardasil vaccine will be rolled out to boys age 12 and 13 in schools nationally from semester one next year. Year 9 boys will have a two-year catch-up program as well. It is expected 870,000 [...]

Heart of Paternity

Pater Noster… When teaching his disciples how to pray, Jesus began with ‘Our Father’. He addressed God as ‘Abba’, and taught us to do the same. This was a term equivalent to ‘Daddy’, or the [...]

Great things will come of it

  My pro-life missionary work has been taking me “Down Under” for 25 years but I have never been met with larger or more enthusiastic crowds than at the recent Family Life [...]