I must Love more

I was expecting to be encouraged by the retreat with Monsignor Reilly. I was expecting to come away on fire for the pro-life cause. I was expecting to return with revolutionary ideas that would [...]

Unexpected Highlights

If you had told me that I would return from New York to write the following, I would not have believed you. I could not have believed that one would return from the most vibrant, colourful, [...]

Larger than Life

When I returned from New York, the first question put to me by family and friends was: “Well, how was it?” After floundering about for an adjective, or scraps of a sentence to describe my [...]

A Priceless Gift

The group of young Australians with whom I travelled to New York give a joyful example to the world of how to live! These young people generously give of themselves and their time to pro-life [...]

New York Reflections

The retreat to New York is now a memory but is certainly not something that will be forgotten by me or any of those who attended. It would be fair to say that it lived up to my highest [...]

A step into the unknown

Between the 24th of June and the 6th of July, I had the fantastic opportunity to join a group of young Australians for a retreat in New York run by Monsignor Reilly. I and two other young people [...]

Mission: not to be seen, but to pray

The time spent on retreat with Monsignor Reilly in New York has had a profound effect on both my spiritual life and the way I perceive life issues such as abortion and contraception. Here I will [...]

A life changing experience

The pro-life retreat which took place from the 24th of June to the 8th of July was truly inspirational to not only myself but to the group of 30 young Australian Catholics who attended. When I [...]