We have been working on a campaign to provide an ethically developed vaccine for the corona virus and making that vaccine optional; that is, not mandatory, as well as providing information on the safety procedures followed or not followed in its development.

To that end we spent some time in drafting and sending a letter to the Australian Catholic Bishops asking them to support our campaign which they did. We then drafted and sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer asking the above. That letter was signed by the National President of the Australian Catholic Medical Association and endorsed by the Patron of Solidarity for Healthcare, FLI and the Catholic Women’s League President.

The petition supporting that letter is now on the Federal Parliamentary website and can be found by following the button below:-

The letter to the Prime Minister and others can be found at the following link on the FLI website below. This letter gives detailed explanation of what we’re asking and why.

Please support this petition and send this email on to as many of your contacts as possible.

There are 4 weeks for this petition to run on the Parliamentary website before it expires and is presented to the House.

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