Former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari is trying to build a media career. He is a regular on Kyle and Jackie O on Sydney’s KIIS 106.5 FM.

Recently they spoke about how new Liberal PM Scott Morrison was elected in 2007 – rather how he was pre-selected into the safe Liberal seat of Cook in the Sutherland Shire. In a field of 7 candidates Morrison received 8 out of 160 votes and was one of 2 candidates eliminated in the first ballot.

Michael Towke who is now a member of the Board of Directors at FLI won overwhelmingly in the 3rd Ballot. A smear campaign was begun by “highly placed members of the Liberal Party” running a campaign of slander and calumny against Michael Towke to pressure the NSW State Executive to dis-endorse him.

That is what happened with the collaboration of then PM John Howard and the State Executive voted 12-11 against him. Morrison was put up as a “compromise” candidate and even though they apologised to Towke after the State Executive dis-endorsed him told him he couldn’t re-contest the seat! Now listen to how they got the so called dirt and who it was!


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