The Traditional Family (Your Family)
is now the focus of the Revolutionary Agents of change!

In an earlier appeal about 6 months ago I wrote the following which bears repetition, especially given current circumstances and as a reminder of what is at stake.

Family Life International, founded by Bede McDougall and Gail Instance, has been around for 30 years now. Originally formed as the Australian Catholics Pro-Life Association, the name was changed to Human Life International Australia (HLI) after they met Father Paul Marx OSB in 1992. We remained as a branch of HLI until 2004 when the name was changed to Family Life International Australia (FLI) and we severed our association with HLI. FLI had been a preferred option of Father Marx and we were re-associated with another organisational child of Father Marx, Population Research Institute in the USA headed by Steve Mosher.

The main reason that our organisation was founded was to combat the evils of contraception and sex education in our schools (as well as abortion, euthanasia, the growing problem of homosexuality and other attacks on marriage and family) which weren’t on the agenda of other pro-life organisations at all. These were seen as “Catholic” issues and the secular organisations thought it would affect their messages on the main pro-life issues of the day. FLI has been in the battle to defend Marriage and Family for 30 years.

The major battle now has moved to Marriage, as it is understood and has been for millennia, to be redefined to an aberration, to facilitate the destruction of the concept of marriage and family altogether. Quite rightly, a major effort has been initiated to defend this bedrock institution. The Coalition for Marriage is a coalition of organisations working together for this purpose. The major organisations are Marriage Alliance, which is the organisation supported by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Marriage and Family Commission and the Australian Christian Lobby which is headed by the well known Lyle Shelton and which is mainly a Protestant organisation. There are many other Partner organisations including FLI.

This campaign has required massive levels of funding to run the many aspects of the defence of marriage including television, radio, newspaper, email and social media advertising, telephone calls, door knocking and letter boxing and providing the pamphlets and advertising materials, the salaries of paid staff, office expenses and overheads as well as volunteer expenses and much else. The campaign has literally required and raised millions of dollars!

Marriage Alliance and the Coalition for Marriage have been founded as single issue organisations to combat the current attack on Marriage. At the end of this campaign, whatever the result, their mandate will be basically finished and they will no longer be required. Quite obviously there may be some attempt to refocus that mandate to other issues or to continue to re-educate society about the necessary role of Marriage as it should be understood.

FLI (as well as other organisations which have been around many years) will still be left battling, on many fronts, the evils of modern society – Abortion, Euthanasia, Divorce, Homosexuality, Sex Education programs, etc. We will still be battling to raise funds and remain in business for this most necessary of battles, educating people on these issues and supporting young families or single mothers in a crisis pregnancy and afterwards.

The campaign to defend Marriage I was speaking of above was a monumental failure! There were many times I was greatly tempted to break ranks and speak out. This would have given FLI plenty of media coverage but would have resulted in us now being a pariah amongst other like minded groups. In all likelihood we would have been blamed for the failure. Without going into great detail (as the length of such explanation alone precludes) suffice it to say, running a campaign on “consequences without explaining the cause (homosexuality) was doomed from the start. Even when one of the spokesmen said on radio (local christian radio) that homosexuality was a disorder, the official spokeswoman distanced the Coalition from that remark saying “that’s not our position.” Well I’m sorry it is! In fact it’s the position given by the Catholic Church in the Catechism of the Church!

Now, despite assurances from our Prime Minister and other prominent politicians (are any of them trustworthy?) and from the leaders of the “Yes” campaign that there would be no effect on religious freedom and freedom of speech, we find ourselves before an “Expert Panel on Religious Freedom headed by former politician Phillip Ruddock and including only supporters of same-sex marriage amongst it’s 5 members!

The date of closing for the receipt of submissions was the close of business yesterday, 14th February, Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent appropriately and already we have reported in the Sydney Morning Herald and Age websites, “Religious schools should be forced to hire LGBTI teachers and all church exemptions to anti-discrimination law should be abolished, the Yes campaign has told Philip Ruddock’s religious freedom inquiry.

This has always been the aim of same sex marriage advocates! They aren’t and never were going to be satisfied with destroying marriage. They want to destroy the Christian concept of Family and society. They want to corrupt your children and grandchildren. They want Christianity, especially the Catholic Church destroyed and they won’t stop until that happens.

We need your support urgently to remain a viable and effective bulwark against the vicious attacks we know will come. We need to be the voice “as one in the wilderness but strong and firm. Can you help us with your most generous donation now? Are you fortunate to be able to give us $10,000 or even $5,000 towards the defence of the Family and Faith? Can you afford perhaps $1,000 or $500? Can you afford even $100 or $50? It all helps and whatever it is we would be most grateful. Perhaps you can give us $20 or $50 or even $100 per week which is most helpful for our cash flow. Please give now and keep FLI on our feet and in the fight.

Payments can be made via our website here or by EFT to our account details BSB 062-016 Account Number 1039 6832 or they can be sent by cheque to PO Box 205 Broadway NSW 2007.

Please be assured of our prayers for all you our faithful supporters and your families. May the Almighty Lord protect you all and keep you in His Loving embrace.

The Family Life International (Australia) Submission to the Expert Panel on Religious Freedom can be found by following this link:-

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